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Aerial mapping platforms

The Purpose of Aerial Mapping

Geography is a multi-disciplinary scientific field which spans two main areas:

Human Geography – Exploring the spatial dimensions of Social Sciences and Humanities in the fields of immigration, sustainability, city planning, architecture, psychology, cognitive sciences, demographics, economy and culture.

Physical Geography – In the Earth Sciences field, which explores the physical phenomena of Earth, in the areas of Geodesy, geophysics, geology, meteorology and hydrology.

The Map as a Tool for Phenomena Analysis

The map is the most utilized tool in Geography. It is used for drawing, presenting and analysis of a multitude of phenomena on Earth, both human and natural. Geography means the “writing of Earth,” a science that deals with the description of lands – their surface, climate, reactions, residents, flora and fauna, economic sources and more.

The data gathered as a result of the studying of these phenomena has, since the dawn of civilization, served man, leaders and regimes in the process of decision making. Therefore, reliable, detailed, accurate and up-to-date data directly affects the quality of decisions taken. History books are filled with crucial decisions taken according to the quality of information possessed by decision makers at the time.

Types of Consumers in the Field of Aerial Mapping

Geographic maps are used as a basis for decision making in many fields, such as planning and construction, land management, management of natural resources, maintenance of physical infrastructure, geopolitics and others. Consumers in this market are those who operate within these fields, like engineers and architects, project managers, land owners and managers, state and local government offices, state authorities and more.

Methods of Collecting Geographic Data

In our days, the gathering of geographical information is usually done in a layered method, according to topics in different levels of detailing corresponding to the consumer’s demand. Physical, visible data comes from one of three possible sources – satellite images, aerial photography and land measurement. Each of these sources has its own advantages and disadvantages. Satellite images are significantly cheaper than aerial photography, but the quality of image and the ability to define the designated area and time the image is taken are lower. Aerial photography is expensive and affected by the limitations of transport and weather, but enables access to places which cannot be mapped any other way. Land measurement has a high level of accuracy, but is limited in its access to many locations and the cost of measurement per designated area is many times higher than that of aerial or satellite mapping.

In view of all this, it can be said that aerial mapping done by an aircraft suitable for carrying geographical mapping systems provides a solution that has the best balance between cost, performance speed and quality of outcome.

Aerial Mapping Platforms at LIFEAIR

LIFEAIR is a leader in the Israeli market in the field of providing platforms for aerial mapping. The company holds several aircraft suitable for carrying large format mapping systems, as well as light aircraft suitable for medium format mapping and photography systems. On top of that, the company specializes in characterizing remote sensor systems and in adjusting the aerial platform to the system’s requirements, for thermal, spectral, laser and infra-red systems.

LIFEAIR’s aircraft provide a network of abilities throughout the range of relevant performance which can be crucial for the system’s successful acquiring of a quality end-product.

The company owns aircraft which can fly at the height of 300-33,000 feet, and carry systems weighing up to 225kgs.

The integration and operating method of the system on the aircraft will receive continuous and professional accompaniment by the company in order to give its customers complete confidence in production processes on the way to the goal.

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