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LIFEAIR Make you fly


LIFEAIR specializes in the field of experimental and photography flights. The company operates a number of aircraft suitable for carrying aerial photography and remote sensor systems. The company employs a skilled air crew on special flights which can fulfill the clients’ demands at the highest professional level. Read More

Managing licensing procedures

LIFEAIR specializes in the field of experimental flights with all relevant aspects of managing licensing procedures and installation of systems:

Characterizing systems,Matching and integration between aircraft and systems,Producing adaptors and structural parts needed for integration,Licensing systems and configurations opposite regulators,Performing installations in aircraft,Coordinating flight activities opposite air monitoring,Preparing navigation and operation aid equipment for the flight crew and operators,Supervising in real-time over the flight performance, whether routine or emergency,Estimating statements of work and expected performance costs


LIFEAIR’s photography flights

LIFEAIR specializes in the field of target and calibration flights, and owns flight recording equipment and ground-air communication to provide its clients with comprehensive flight solutions. To clients who wish to perform aerial photography flights with various systems, the company offers a full package of services that includes the company’s aerial photography planes, an air crew highly-skilled in flying accurate flight lines, an experienced air and ground operations department which manages the entire activity, flight navigation and mapping aids to raise the quality of the work on the plane and continuous ground-air communication to support and accompany all stages of the flight to its successful conclusion. The company provides the perfect package for aerial photography flights, experimental flight, target flights, ambulance flights, passenger flights and more.Read more

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