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LIFEAIR is an airline founded in 2000 by Haim Dagan, a pilot with thousands of flight hours, a commercial pilot and Captain of a Cheyenne 3 aircraft with a deep passion for flying. The company started its operation in the field of photography flights, and soon expanded to performing experimental and ambulance flights. Today it serves as a professional authority and information source in these fields.

The company’s mission statement is to serve as a model of flight services for experimental, ambulance, passenger and executive flights, to ensure an ideal matching between its services and the client’s requirements and needs, timetables and budget, for the purpose of helping them achieve their goals.

The company operates various aircraft for a wide range of requirements – jet planes, turbo planes, piston-engine planes such as Piper Cheyenne 3, Piper Aztec, Cessna 208 Grand Caravan, Citation3 and Hawker 800, Cessna 172 and 182, and helicopter models Bell 206 Jet Ranger and Long Ranger, Augusta, Robinson and Sikorsky – in order to perform complex flight assignments for a variety of platforms suitable for all clients in the market.

Private Airlines in Israel

We are experts in managing the flight operation of experimental flights and aerial ambulances, in coordinating between numerous aircraft operating jointly and between aircraft and flight monitors, as well as in the management and manufacturing of adapters, internal and external installations in a variety of configurations and licensing opposite the regulator. We perform real-time supervision of all of the stages of aerial operation, coordination and monitoring of formation, target, calibration, ambulance and system experimentation flights. All this, with the goal of providing our clients with a full service package with complete solutions for their needs.

The company’s pilots all have thousands, some – tens of thousands – of flight hours behind them, and are among the very top civil air pilots in Israel. Most of them are ex-military Air Force pilots and flight instructors, and all have proven skills in the fields of photography, experimental and ambulance flights.

LIFEAIR operates a ground array as part of its services, which includes flight dispatching and coordination, as well as real-time monitoring and communication with the various elements involved in managing the flight arrays, in order to assist in fulfilling the client’s goals and performing the task at hand at the highest level possible.

Private Jet Operators Israel

LIFEAIR works together with the medical team most suitable to treat the patient’s condition on ambulance flights, as well as with an expert consultant, matched to the patient’s specific condition. Medical consultants and other professionals accompany every ambulance flight, from the first stage of medical and flight coordination, through the fulfilling of regulations at the country the patient is in, and ending with advice on potential insurance coverage of the flight if needed, in order to provide patients with the best possible care and their families with the knowledge that their relatives are in the best of hands.

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