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Private Flights in Israel

Internal flights in Israel for any purpose – business, entertainment or as a gift

The Flights can be done in a wide range of private planes and routes, to a large number of airfields and airstrips spread around the country, including the Ramon International Airport in Eilat, the Herzeliya Airport, the Yigal Yadin Airport in Haifa, the Rosh Pina airfield, the Yotvata airstrip, the Arad airstrip, and many others.

Internal Private Flights for Business Purposes

Whether you need to visit your factory on the other side of the country, to get to an urgent meeting or speak at a professional conference, and don’t have a minute to waste on traffic jams, an internal private flight is the right choice for you. A business internal flight gets you to your destination at maximum efficiency, comfort and speed, not to mention the benefits to your company’s image. Private jets are customized for work and offer an internet connection and charging outlets for your electronic devices. Internal flights in Israel are short, peaceful and luxurious.

Internal Flights in Israel as Gifts or as a Fun Experience for Family and Friends

Many Israelis choose internal private flights for entertainment, romantic or educational purposes. People order a private flight in order to propose to their loved ones against the settings of Israel’s breathtaking landscapes. Parents purchase an internal flight to teach their children about the country, its geography and historical sites like Masada and Jerusalem, etc. in the most fun way imaginable.

A flight above Israel is a wonderful Bar/ Bat Mitzva gift, an unforgettable experience the whole family can enjoy together. During the flight, the pilot will give you information on what you see along the way. Such flights are often done at a lower altitude, so you can see the sites on your route much better. Those sites can include the Golan Heights, the Mediterranean beach strip, the Judean Desert, the Dead Sea, Jerusalem, and many other places that look completely different from up high.

The pilot can take photos or film the whole flight for you, so you’ll be left with a souvenir to remind you of the fun time you had. If you like, you can also bring a professional photographer with you to document the exciting family experience.

Internal private flights are great not only for birthdays, anniversaries, marriage proposals and other special events, but also as a fun day out for your employees, as instructive field days for educational institutions and summer camps, and more.

The Special Benefits of Internal Private Flights

You don’t need a passport to enjoy a private flight around Israel, nor do you have to go through border control. Contrary to commercial flights abroad, the security check for internal private flights takes just a few minutes and does not involve waiting in long lines. All you need to do is arrive at your departure point a short while before due time with an ID card.

Internal private flights let you fly whenever you like, to whatever airfield or airstrip you prefer. You can decide on the route and order a door-to-door personal service to escort you from your house to the airport and back. You can choose how many people will fly with you and who they’ll be. The number of people is one of the major criteria in choosing the most suitable plane for your flight. You decide how much cargo you carry (up to the maximum weight allowed for the plane), and what kind of cargo it will be. It can include specialized photography equipment or any other professional equipment you’ll be needing with you.

LifeAir offers all kinds of internal private flights in Israel, personally customized to any need and route, at varying costs that can be suit almost anyone. Our professional air crews have hundreds of flight hours’ experience and are highly patient and service oriented. They’ll make your flight as pleasurable and entertaining as possible. We own a diverse fleet of private jets, suitable for different requirements and maintained to the highest standards. Contact us for more information and to order the flight of your dreams for you or the people you love most.

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