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Medical repatriation

Many travel insurance policies include coverage for medical repatriation caused by a medical condition that does not allow one to travel by commercial flight. The LIFEAIR team can assist you in communicating with your insurance provider in order to help you fulfill your right to coverage of a medical flight.

LIFEAIR performs a medical assessment of the patient requiring transfer. It matches all of the factors and equipment included in the flight, and makes sure you or your loved ones are stable enough to fly and that the most suitable medical team and equipment for your or your relative’s condition will be on the plane. Our medical consultant will be able to make contact with the doctor or medical team currently treating the patient in order to assess the sum of your needs so we can provide you with the best service possible.

LIFEAIR can coordinate a land transfer from where you are to the airport in case you cannot make the needed arrangements due to your medical condition so you feel completely calm about your return home. Sometimes the coordination of a transfer in a foreign country is met with difficulties in receiving information as a result of language communication issues. We work with professional interpreters which assist in the coordination with local authorities and medical institutions.

It is most important to repatriate patients as quickly as possible so as not to let their condition worsen so much that they may no longer be eligible for flight, or that their flight would have to become significantly more complex. This requires fast handling of all paperwork involved in transferring them from a foreign country on a medical flight home. LIFEAIR will be at your side, assisting in the process to speed it up and get through it the best and safest way possible.

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