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Cessna Grand Caravan

LifeAir’s Cessna Grand Caravan 4X-CZE aircraft is the world’s leading multi-purpose, multi-task plane. Its basic properties allow it to perform a wide variety of aerial tasks at maximum efficiency.

The aircraft was developed by American company Cessna, and performed its first flight in 1986. It features a powerful turbine engine designed by the Pratt and Whitney company. The aircraft is a high-wing one, and offers a comfy and accessible cabin and large ground clearance. All of these enable it to perform a wide variety of tasks, including passenger flights, parachuting drops, cargo flights and flight for the testing and development of remote sensor systems, as well as for carrying designated payloads.

LifeAir carried out an extensive overhaul of its Cessna aircraft, in order to adapt it to its customers’ needs.

The aircraft’s advantages for different task types:


Passenger Formation:

The Grand Caravan can carry 9 passengers in its cabin in various sitting formations. It can fly to a range of up to 1,900 kilometers. The spacious cabin and its acoustics provide for an excellent flight experience.


Testing Formation:

The high ground clearance of the aircraft’s fuselage enables LifeAir’s customers to install remote sensor systems and designated payloads on it without any technical limitations. The wide cabin can accommodate heavyweight operational equipment in comfortable settings with no reduction in the level of comfort of the flight experience. The 675 horsepower turbine engine lets the aircraft fly at a wide range of heights and speeds to suit any need. The aircraft’s maximum payload weight allows LifeAir to plan many different testing formations.


Cargo Formation:

The Caravan is used for cargo flights all over the world. In cargo formation, it can easily carry equipment weighing up to 2 tons in very comfortable settings. Combined with a large flight range, it gives the Caravan the highest status in the field of cargo flights.


Upgrades and Overhauls:

LifeAir conducted an overhaul project in its Caravan aircraft in order to bring it to the world’s highest standard of performance and compatibility. As part of the overhaul work, the aircraft’s electric system was upgraded to 250 Amps for external consumption. We also improved the airflow system around the plane to enable it to carry a larger maximum payload weight of approximately 2 tons. The avionics system was also upgraded in order to add communication channels and better navigation capabilities. A powerful air-conditioner was installed in the cabin to cool the cabin during flight.

Technical Specifications:


Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-114A turboprop, 675 hp (503 kW

Flight Speed

70 -165 knots

Flight Range

1980 km

Maximum Flight Height

25000 ft

Navigation Systems

Garmin 430w

Maximum Payload Weight


Electricity System

250 amps with 4 outlet connectors


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