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Coffins and funeral transports

To save the family from having to deal with all this, LIFEAIR’s transfer consultants will assist with the process of transferring the deceased person to their country of origin according to international requirements and transport regulations. Our consultants will help attain local and other permits, and will help in getting the deceased person’s coffin on board a plane and heading home as soon as possible. Our company specializes in flights in which the transfer of the deceased is done with the utmost respect they’re due.Our consultants can take care of all land transfers needed as well.

Transferring a body or remains of a deceased person on a commercial flight is sometimes possible, but not always. Not all airlines fly coffins, and the matter requires much coordination and managing. LIFEAIR consults as to the most suitable method of transfer in view of the situation, the country where the person passed away and its laws.We, at LIFEAIR, are sensitive to the difficult situation you find yourselves in, and will do our utmost to make the process of bringing your loved one home as easy as it could be under the unfortunate circumstances.

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