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Executive flights

LIFEAIR executive flights

LifeAir performs passenger flights to numerous destinations outside of Israel, departing from all Israeli airfields.

If you’re running a company, a business or a department, you’re probably an extremely busy person who is carrying great responsibilities and hasn’t time to waste. As seniors and businesspeople, you’re probably also flying more often than other people in order to perform acquisitions, conduct business meetings and attend discussions and conferences. Executive flights exist precisely for people like you. They are private flights in executive jets that are ordered and customized to your specific needs. This category of flights is becoming increasingly popular over the years, especially in view of the decline in the quality of flight experience of commercial flights. Why else should you consider using executive flights? Let’s review all the advantages:

Special order executive flights

Executive flights offer a much higher level of service in designated private jets. They are more expensive than regular commercial flights, but are ultimately more sensible for many reasons. Executive flights are much more luxurious, providing you with privacy, peace and quiet to rest before an important meeting, as well as space to breathe without many other strangers crowding all around you. They allow you to get to your destination fresh, immaculate and ready to achieve more for your business or company.

Executive flights customized to your needs

Departure times of executive flights depend on your needs and choice, independently of the pre-set time slots of commercial flights. This means that you can take off whenever you like, even at short notice in case of any emergency or urgency.

Executive flights can take you to a much wider range of destinations than commercial flights because they can make use of smaller, local airfields nearer to your selected end point. This will save you much time travelling to and from the airport. Often, it will also save you bothersome layovers and stopovers that cause delays. Check-in, border and security controls are much speedier for executive passengers than for regular flights, so you can arrive at the airport just a short time before the flight rather than 3-4 hours in advance.

Additional services and perks accompanying executive flights

When you’re flying with an executive flight you’re also being provided with accompanying services by an attentive and discrete private crew. You’ll be personally collected and transferred to and from the airport, door-to-door, get served quality food and beverages at the highest standards and be flown by an experienced, courteous and patient team, enjoying higher levels of ground services and in-flight entertainment.

During a private flight you’ll be able to get comfortable on the lavish seats and have plenty of room to stretch your legs or walk around as you please. The best thing – you’ll be able to work and prepare for your meetings quietly, and use the time most effectively without having to deal with the sounds of screaming babies and bored children. Executive jets offer workspaces, internet connection for your laptop and electrical sockets to charge your electronic devices.



LifeAir offers private executive flights with full availability to a wide selection of destinations all over the world, even those that commercial flights don’t usually get to. The company owns a highly maintained fleet of executive jets of all kinds and sizes, safe and comfortable. You can order a flight at short notice, and be taken care of by ground and air crews with hundreds of hours of experience.

The company specializes in special flights, executive flights, one and two-day outings and more. Additionally, the company provides comprehensive operational logistic services required by clients who fly with the company in Israel and international airfields around the world. These include security accompaniment, loading and unloading of baggage and others. The company employs proficient ground and air teams who can perform any flight at precise timetables, the highest level of service and with full and constant attention to the clients’ various needs. The company provides personal solutions and matches the service package most suitable to the client’s requirements. LIFEAIR operates throughout the year, and specializes in performing flights at short notice of up to 3.5 hours prior to takeoff.

Our team will personally accompany you throughout your journey and will arrange all the needed permits, insurance, checks and transfers, so that you can enjoy the maximum comfort and luxury. We will tailor the flight specifically to your needs and preferences, and will be ready to leave when you are with the understanding that “time is money.”

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