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Executive flights

LIFEAIR executive flights

LIFEAIR performs passenger flights to numerous destinations outside of Israel, departing from all Israeli airfields.

The company specializes in special flights, executive flights, one and two-day outings and more. Additionally, the company provides comprehensive operational logistic services required by clients who fly with the company in Israel and international airfields around the world. These include security accompaniment, loading and unloading of baggage and others. The company employs proficient ground and air teams who can perform any flight at precise timetables, the highest level of service and with full and constant attention to the clients’ various needs. The company provides personal solutions and matches the service package most suitable to the client’s requirements. LIFEAIR operates throughout the year, and specializes in performing flights at short notice of up to 3.5 hours prior to takeoff.

For inquiries and flight requests please contact us by filling the following form, and our representative will get back to you in a few minutes.


Flying Passengers

These days, executive flights are a must and very popular all over the world. Many companies use them for an immediate flying of company heads and managers in order to get them on time for urgent business meetings, contact signatures abroad, participating in important conferences and supervising work carried out in other countries. These flights are now much cheaper and more flexible than ever before. In using executive flights, the company does not have to be dependent on the commercial flights offered by regular airlines, which do not always match the company’s needs in their timetables and other properties. Saving time on security checks and other bureaucracies at the airport, cutting down superfluous waiting time for boarding – these make executive flights truly worthwhile. Using executive flights raises companies’ efficiency, lowers schedule stress and unnecessary bother for those who are in need of a flying solution at short notice. Furthermore, being able to continue working during the flight itself is much more viable on an executive plane than on a regular flight, even if you’re seated in the business section of the plane. And as everyone knows, time is worth a lot of money.

Executive flights can be dispatched at any time that is convenient for you, at short notice, including on a weekend or a holiday. They can get you to specific destinations and airfields closest to where you need to be, and which commercial airlines don’t fly to, or can only get to with an overlay somewhere you have no need to visit. The plane can be accessorized upon request according to your requirements, food and other treats can be ordered according to your preferences. Another big advantage of such flights is in their discretion. No one, apart from the flight company’s team (which have signed a non-disclosure agreement and are adept at keeping your privacy) can tell where you’re going and for which business purpose. 

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