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Private Flights

LifeAir Private Flights

Private flights are becoming more and more popular over the past few years, unsurprisingly. They are much more enjoyable than regular commercial flights, and certainly much more so than low-cost or charter flights. It is a whole different experience, luxurious and indulgent, which everyone deserves to have at least once in their lifetime. These flights offer the maximum comfort, fun and flexibility.

Private flights are no longer only for the rich and famous, but an excellent way to save time, solve problems, travel with family or a bunch of friends, and more. You can book a private flight for numerous purposes, including business trips, holidays, weddings, emergencies or simply in order to enjoy flying in style.

There are many advantages to flying privately. Private jets can get you to further destinations thanks to their ability to use smaller airports, and are customizable to your needs. This saves you a lot of time and gets you nearer your final destination quicker than the big and very busy airports. It also lets you skip on the long and expensive transfers and get straight to where you need to go with no delays. If you need to fly at short notice, a private flight is the most sensible solution in terms of departure and landing times, and many times it is also the most worthwhile solution in terms of costs.

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When you’re flying privately, you can set the time of departure for yourself, without being limited to the arbitrary schedules set up by the commercial airlines and airports. Private jets are usually much more comfortable and spacious than what you get with commercial flights, and you won’t have to share your flights with lots of strangers. This makes private flights safer, more pleasant and quieter, providing you with the privacy you need to work or sleep, as well as the space to walk around freely during the flight. You are also saving yourself the long queues for check-in, security and passport control in the airport. In short, you get full control over the flight experience.

LifeAir owns a wide-ranging fleet of highly maintained private jets and employs experienced flight crews with a record of hundreds and thousands of flight hours and years of excellent service. We can get you wherever you like, in full safety and security, enjoying personal attention and VIP-level service, without wasting a minute of your time on your way to an important business meeting, professional conference or vacation with friends or family. We take care of all the ground and port services and permits to save you the trouble and precious time.

Whether you are travelling abroad for business or pleasure, tell us what you need, dream and prefer, and we’ll tailor the perfect flight for you, at the highest standards and competitive prices that are much more reasonable than you may think. Enjoy full personal service till you reach your destination. Contact us for more information and get our offer.

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Executive flights

LifeAir specializes in special executive flights on one-day and two-day flights. The company provides a full operational logistics service required for customers flying in Israel and at airports around the world. The company provides a personal solution and adapts a service package that exactly matches the customer's measurements.

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LifeAir provides private flights and executive flights to a variety of destinations abroad tailored to customer needs - high level of service, precise schedules, personal response fully tailored to customers.

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