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Private Flights to Italy

Lifeair offers a personalized charter service to and from the beautiful Italy.

We do our best to suit your unique needs and budget in order to provide you with comfort and flexibility, covering everything from ground services to your in-flight experience tailored down to smallest details.

For further information or flights to Italy order call us: 054-33-55-235

Italy is a Mediterranean country in the south of Europe, the third largest country in the European Union and one of its founding members. It borders on France, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia and Slovenia, with internal enclaves for the countries of San Marino and the Vatican. Italian population is estimated at around 60 million people. Italy has remarkably rich history and culture that includes art, music, theater, cinema and literature. Italy is the birthplace of the Roman Empire, opera and the Renaissance. It is one of the most toured countries in the world for its wealth of architecture, nature and food. In fact, Italian cuisine is famous around the world for its regional diversity, thanks to Italy’s geography and history. There are 20 different regions in Italy that have their own traditional dishes, and tourists from all over the world flood in to enjoy them.

Italy has breathtaking landscapes, such as the Dolomites and Alps mountains and the great lakes in the north, active volcanoes in Rome (Vesuvius) and in Sicily (Etna), forests, beaches, vineyards and cliffs. Its Mediterranean climate makes it pleasant to visit almost all year long, apart from the month of August, when temperatures can climb above 30 degrees centigrade with very high moisture.

Art masterpieces by Leonardo da Vinci, Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo, Tiziano and many other classical artists await visitors in the museums, piazzas and the Vatican. Additionally, stunning historical and archaeological sites and monuments such as the Colosseum and the Forum, the San Marco Piazza in Venice, and many others are scattered all over Italy’s cities.

Italy has one of the largest economies and the sixth largest nominal GDP in the world. Its economy is the third largest in Europe after Germany and France. Tourism is a major economic section in Italy, with over 50 million tourists visiting the country each year. Tourism contributes around 7% to Italy’s total GDP.

Italy is a country of big opportunities. Italy is one of the most developed countries in Europe, with a diverse economy which encompasses everything from industry to technology, so it’s not surprising that many companies wish to invest in it. The country has an educated workforce and one of the lowest tax rates in Europe. Contrary to what you may believe, Italy has relatively low corruption rates these days. Living and education costs in Italy are also relatively low. The country’s real estate market has been blossoming for years and shows no signs of slowing down.

Destinations in Italy


Aeroport: Bergamo International Airport

Bergamo is a city in the north of Italy, at a distance of 50 km from Milan. It is the capital of the district and has around 120,000 residents. Bergamo was one of the most important cities in the north of Italy during the Middle Ages. It is famous for its beautiful architecture, which includes the Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica, one of the most important churches in the country. It is also well known for its cuisine, affected by the neighboring areas of Lombardia and Piemonte. Interesting tourist sites in the city include the Castello di San Vigilio and the Piazza Vecchia, one of the most ancient squares in the city. Bergamo’s economy today relies mainly on tourism and retail.

Private Flights to Bergamo >


Aeroport: Aeroporto di Verona – Valerio Catullo Villafranca

Verona is a city in the north-eastern part of Italy, the second largest city in the Veneto District. It is located on the Adigie River and has a population of 175,000. Verona is one of Italy’s most beautiful cities, and the most romantic of them, mainly due to it serving as background to William Shakespeare’s play, Romeo and Juliet. Many tourists arrive at the city to view the famous balcony from which Juliet first saw her Romeo, although there is no proof that it is indeed the balcony Shakespeare wrote about.

Private Flights to Verona >


Aeroport: Ronchi dei Legionari

Trieste is a city in north-east Italy, one of the central cities of the Friuli Venezia Giulia District, rated as one of the most important seaports in the Mediterranean because of its strategic spot at the crossroads between several countries and cultures. Its seaport is also one of the busiest in Italy in terms of cargo treatment capacity and economic significance. The city has been an important trade post for centuries, but only became part of Italy in 1867. Trieste has always been considered a multi-cultural city, with a population comprising of diverse ethnic groups. The city is base to many international organizations, including NATO and the WEU.

Private Flights to Trieste >


Aeroport: Milan Malpensa Airport

Milan is the fashion capital of Italy, and some would say the whole world’s. It is a huge city with over 2 million residents living in or around it. It is situated in central-north Italy, on the River Po. The city has been an important trade post for many hundreds of years, leading to it being one of the most flourishing cities of Europe today, rated by Mercer among the top 10 cities of Europe in terms of quality of life.

Private Flights to Milan >


Aeroport: Aeroporto di Verona – Valerio Catullo Villafranca

Catania is the capital of Sicily and the biggest city on the island. It is located on Sicily’s eastern coast, at the foot of the Etna volcano. The city is full of history, culture and natural beauty. Its historic center was recognized as a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1997 and is one of the most beautiful sites in Europe. It is also one of the most ancient places on the continent, where you can find monuments and structures dating back to the Roman Period. The Old City in Catania offers narrow alleys with archaic buildings, but also many shops and restaurants. Catania has a vivacious night scene as well, with many pubs and clubs scattered all over the city.

Private Flights to Catania >

LifeAir customizes its private flights to and from Italy to your needs, whether you wish to enter the country for business, pleasure or any other purpose, and provides maximum flexibility and comfort. We will take care of all the necessary ground services, flight arrangements and all the other small details for you, so you can enjoy a relaxing and pleasant flight experience that meets your needs and deadlines.

For more information on additional flight destinations in Italy or for booking a flight to the country please contact us.

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