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Underbelly camera hatch

LIFEAIR operates a number of aircraft with camera hatches certified for different installations. The camera hatches serve a great number of systems that demand a wide opening for “watching” the ground while in flight. Additionally, there are a number of systems whose weights and sizes are extremely large. In these cases, it is possible to perform more complex installations which come out of the camera hatch and hung below the aircraft’s underbelly.

The cabin’s structure on the plane allows for a large number of installation and operation configurations and provides an instant solution for clients who are required to use modular equipment racks in order to control and operate the installed systems. The company’s planes’ photography openings are certified under supervision by The Civil Aviation Authority of Israel, a fact which makes the process of licensing of various installations somewhat easier. In most cases, and by the client’s request, LIFEAIR will characterize, manufacture, install and license for the client a coordinating system between the plane’s floor and camera hatch and the system that needs installing.

These days, LIFEAIR flies dozens of different systems for a large number of clients in the defense market and the private market, and is approved by the Civil Aviation Authority of Israel as a body that performs experimental flights and air work.

  • Measurements of the photography opening and plane floor:
  • Radius of hatch: 42cm
  • Width of floor plate: 91cm
  • Length of floor plate: 79cm
  • Width of cabin: 105cm
  • Length of cabin (not including places for passenger seats): 111cm
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