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Can the company provide a solution for flight which are unusual in their outline?

LifeAir specializes in all types of flights in general aviation, including experimental, photography, research and development, calibration, target, formation, ambulance and passenger flights.

Does the company provide Turn Key services to the entirety of activity required by the client?

The company provides full Turn Key service in view of a statement of work by an extensive inputs estimation which reflects the total of actions needed to perform a flight project, simple or complex as it may be.

Does the company operate during weekends and holidays?

The company operates throughout the year apart from the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur), and has an operational arm which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, apart from the Day of Atonement. You can contact the company’s operations arm on the phone – 052-346-1249, or by mail -

How can we get more detailed data about the company’s aircraft and their capabilities?

Please contact us by phone no. 052-3461249 to get detailed information about the company’s aircrafts and their capabilities and suitability for different tasks.

Is it allowed to review the company’s planes in order to test their suitability for a specific task?

You can review the company’s planes, free, with no extra charge, accompanied by a company representative. To coordinate a review with our Head of Operations or Chief Pilot, please contact us by phone: 052-346-1249 or 054-3355-236.

Is the company recognized as a supplier and service provider by Israel’s defense industries?

LIFEAIR is recognized as a service provider by all of Israel’s defense industries, including Elta, Israeli Aerospace Industries (IAI), Elbit, EL-Op, SpaceIL, and others. It works both with the military and private sectors.

I’m not sure whether the company’s aircraft auit my needs. Are there additional aircraft operated by the company?

LifeAir operates over ten different aircraft, including helicopters, jet planes, piston engine planes, and specialized aircraft such as gliders and drones, according to the client’s needs.

I would like to test an installation of a system on one of the company’s planes , but don’t know whether such a system can be installed. How can I verify this?

LifeAir specializes in characterizing and integrating airborne systems of all types, weights and sizes. You can provide us with a basic model of the system with general installation and operation limitations in order to get an initial report from our company’s integration experts. Please send the information to our email -

I need an ambulance flight urgently and have no idea where to start and what to do.

Contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the phone – 052-346-1249 – to get comprehensive information and immediate and full guidance on the topic of all types of medical emergency flights.

I am looking into the possibility of installation of a system in an existing hatch in the company’s planes, but one that requires manufacturing of an adaptor between the plane’s floor and the system. Can I get this service from the company?

LIFEAIR characterizes, manufactures, estimates costs and licenses any adaptor needed to fly the client’s system at the most professional level. You can get an estimate for the cost of manufacturing and licensing the plate ahead of time by providing us with the ICD of the system requiring installation.

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