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Aerial photography

LIFEAIR specializes in the field of experimental and photography flights. The company operates a number of aircraft suitable for carrying aerial photography and remote sensor systems. The company employs a skilled air crew on special flights which can fulfill the clients’ demands at the highest professional level.

LIFEAIR’s photography flights

To clients who wish to perform aerial photography flights with various systems, the company offers a full package of services that includes the company’s aerial photography planes, an air crew highly-skilled in flying accurate flight lines, an experienced air and ground operations department which manages the entire activity, flight navigation and mapping aids to raise the quality of the work on the plane and continuous ground-air communication to support and accompany all stages of the flight to its successful conclusion. The company provides the perfect package for aerial photography flights, experimental flight, target flights, ambulance flights, passenger flights and more.

The company’s aerial photography planes

The company has in its possession various aircraft which are suitable or can be made suitable to carrying all kinds of airborne systems:

The company owns three Piper Aztec-type planes. These planes were installed with a special hatcj on their underbelly for the purpose of carrying airborne systems such as mapping and remote sensor systems. Such systems are usually carried inside the plane’s fuselage, and are installed in such a way that they can make use of the underbelly hatch to achieve the flight’s goals. The Piper Aztec is a veteran, very stable plane, and for this reason is preferred for photography missions. It has two engines, a fact which gives it extra power, and it can fold its wheels during the flight, in a way that creates a clean field of vision for photography. It flies in the high altitude of 15,000 feet, for up to six hours. Additionally, it costs less to operate the Piper Aztec that it does other planes. An electric system was installed on the plane which gives out over 60 Amps. This is enough for almost all used systems, and there is no need to use additional electricity sources for the missions. For all of these reasons and more, this plane is the perfect choice for performing effective and successful aerial photography missions.

Another option is using the company’s Piper Cheyenne 3 aircraft. This plane can reach an altitude of up to 27,000 feet, and is an air-compressed plane, so that it offers safety and comfort to the people inside it even at such an altitude. Life Air Aviation’s Piper Cheyenne was installed with “hard points” – reinforced points at the front part of its underbelly which lets it carry a weight much heavier than usual. The hard points serve for the installation of airborne systems quickly and easily. They are directly connected to the plane’s inner beams. This plane can also be installed with operation racks inside the plane’s fuselage, which is quite spacious.

The company owns other aircraft which can suit clients’ specific needs, including different types of helicopters, Citation 3 planes, Cessna planes, and more.

Managing licensing procedures and installation of systems

LIFEAIR specializes in the field of experimental flights with all relevant aspects:

  • Characterizing systems
  • Matching and integration between aircraft and systems
  • Producing adaptors and structural parts needed for integration
  • Licensing systems and configurations opposite regulators
  • Performing installations in aircraft
  • Coordinating flight activities opposite air monitoring
  • Preparing navigation and operation aid equipment for the flight crew and operators
  • Supervising in real-time over the flight performance, whether routine or emergency
  • Estimating statements of work and expected performance costs

LIFEAIR specializes in the field of target and calibration flights, and owns flight recording equipment and ground-air communication to provide its clients with comprehensive flight solutions.


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