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Private Flights to Cyprus

Lifeair offers a personalized charter service to and from the beautiful Cyprus.

We do our best to suit your unique needs and budget in order to provide you with comfort and flexibility, covering everything from ground services to your in-flight experience tailored down to smallest details.

For further information or flights to Cyprus order call us: 054-33-55-235

The Republic of Cyprus resides on the island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean, near Turkey. Throughout its history, the island was conquered again and again, passed from hand to hand from Ancient Greece to the Roman Empire, then to the Ottoman Empire and lastly to the British Empire. During the 20th century, Cyprus finally managed to receive its independence, only to be partially conquered again by Turkey in 1974, when it invaded the north-eastern part of the island. Cyprus has been divided into a Turkish part and a Greek part ever since.

Today, approximately 1,200,000 people live on the island, making a living mainly from tourism and some farming and fishing. The number of tourists who visit the island every year is double that of its residents, around 2,400,000 people. These tourists enjoy Cyprus’ golden beaches and clear water, the fun tourist resorts, luxury hotels, archaeological sites, museums, impressive monasteries and churches, and even the ski resorts on the island’s mountains.

Cyprus offers a different experience for each type of visitor – while young people tend to stay at Ayia Napa to celebrate in parties, drink alcohol and dance all night, couples prefer beautiful Paphos, the small and quiet fishing villages, nature walks, etc. Families can enjoy the amusement and water parks on the island, the great shopping outlets, sailing or kayaking, visiting ancient fortresses, and more.

Over the past decade, many foreigners have also made Cyprus their home, settling in the big cities or villages around them. Numerous people from all over the world have been purchasing investment properties in the country. These and other investments have sped up the island’s development, and today you can find in Cyprus’ big cities advanced residential projects, office buildings and tourism development ventures. The prices of real estate on the island keep rising, providing investors with decent profits.

Destinations in Cyprus


Aeroport: The Larnaca International Airport

Larnaca is one of the oldest cities in the world, around 6000 years old. The city is suitable for visiting couples and families with children of all ages. In it you’ll find the Lucky Star amusement park, the lovely Foinikoudes Palms Promenade along the coast of the Mediterranean, restaurants serving traditional Cypriot food, whose main attraction is the famous Haloumi cheese.

Private Flights to Larnaca >


Aeroport: Paphos International Airport

Paphos is an incredibly ancient city with a special charm. According to Greek mythology, it is the birthplace of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love. Today it is a beautiful modern city with colorful markets, unique archaeological sites, museums, excellent restaurants and fun tourist attractions.

Private Flights to Paphos >

LifeAir customizes its private flights to and from Cyprus to your needs, whether you wish to enter the country for business, pleasure or any other purpose, and provides maximum flexibility and comfort. We will take care of all the necessary ground services, flight arrangements and all the other small details for you, so you can enjoy a relaxing and pleasant flight experience that meets your needs and deadlines.

For more information on additional flight destinations in Cyprus or for booking a flight to the country please contact us.

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