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Experimental flights project management

The field of flying for research and development of systems is a growing industry in Israel. Many companies in the space and aviation, security, agriculture and geography fields develop airborne systems for various needs. Many of the companies who develop these systems wish to have the systems flown on civilian aircraft.

The use of civilian aircraft for flying systems in development creates the need to manage the stages of the flight in a professional and skilled way a long time before the system is actually flown for the first time. LIFEAIR has years of experience in managing experimental flights for research and development purposes. The company provides management, accompaniment and leading services for projects from the first step of characterizing the required system, through the step of engineering design and integration of the aircraft with the system, to managing all of the certification processes of all the regulators, managing the logistical aspect of the installation and every step of the air operations for flying the system-installed aircraft according to the flight profile requested for its results.


LIFEAIR continuously employs different relevant sub-contractors in the field of experimental flights, including engineering design companies, structural engineers, avionics professionals, mechanics and test pilots. This is done to provide the company’s customers with full coverage for all of their varied needs. LIFEAIR will provide its air fleet for performing the flight of various systems and as needed, will operate other aircraft suitable for the task that are not part of its permanent fleet.


The services provided by the company in the field of managing experimental flights:

  • Characterizing the system’s requirements and composing a recommendation as to the relevant aircraft group
  • Overviewing a particular aircraft and verifying its suitability to fly the system
  • Building an initial integration concept between the system and chosen aircraft
  • Characterizing certification processes and maintaining the system-installed aircraft’s aerial qualification
  • Presenting an estimated statement of work and costs for the customer till flight completion
  • Enlisting sub-contractors and professionals relevant to the project
  • Aircraft experimental installations and certification process management
  • Full management of system-installed aircraft licensing
  • Coordination and synchronization between all of the different factors for the advancement of the project
  • Managing land and aerial operations for an ideal flight of the system
  • Providing 24/7 support for the advancement of the project from beginning to end


On top of all these, LIFEAIR provides aviation consultation services for its clients in order to help them navigate the field of international and Israeli flight.

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