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Engineering adjustments for performing complex installations

The number of airborne systems and the differences between them are plentiful. Sometimes, the installation requirements of systems make it necessary to perform engineering modifications in the aircraft, as well as to build adaptors that will enable to integrate the client’s system with the aircraft. Additionally, monitoring procedures in the field of safety and of the plane’s airworthiness require tight inspection and supervision by the civil flight authority. Correct characterization and management of the airborne system’s requirements, even at the early stage of its presentation, will enable huge savings in money, time and avoidable errors.

Modifying complex engineering design for the purpose of installing systems that protrude from the aircraft can be a critical factor in the system manufacturer’s development processes. The ability to detail the variety of options for complex engineering design processes gives LIFEAIR’s clients the full and faithful picture of the system’s flying stage.

LIFEAIR is most experienced in the field of engineering design and employs skilled flight engineers with many years’ experience in the area of aircraft installations. Additionally, the company employs professionals to manage and operate the procedures of installation and licensing of airborne systems which require aircraft modification.

In the characterization of the system stage, the company’s clients will receive a comprehensive review of the methods of installing and licensing their systems, in full consideration of their needs, goals in flying the systems, their timetables and budget.

LIFEAIR recommends, manages and monitors the activity of engineering design companies according to their abilities and suitability to the project’s framework and client demands.If needed, the company will employ sub-contractors and additional aircraft beyond its regular aircraft fleet.

LIFEAIR has already performed dozens of installations and licensing procedures in the past few years. The wide experience it accumulated in this field, as well as its profound knowledge of the world of flight and flight licensing, provide the company’s clients with a much higher flexibility I the development and operation of the systems that require flying.

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