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Accessibility Statement

Ground operation services

Dispatching a quality professional flight requires a high planning ability in all aspects, including the ground operational logistical aspects

LIFEAIR provides its customers with a wide variety of ground services as part of performing various aerial assignments, including:

  • Operational accompaniment for the aircraft, including safety permits for manpower, equipment and vehicles.
  • Logistics services, including lifting equipment, electricity source and mechanics.
  • Synchronizing the activity between the different factors involved.
  • Distributing help sheets, maps and a common language.
  • Performing preparation briefs for operations.
  • Continuous ground monitoring of the flight and its level of performance.
  • Participation in performance debriefing and producing lessons for the future.
  • Writing performance procedures tailored to each client.

The entirety of services given by the company’s ground operations department complete a quality service package which enables the performance of a wide variety of assignments according to need. The company’s operations department is available 24 hours a day, and supports the company’s clients and daily activity at every stage.

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