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Air ambulance

LifeAir – Air Ambulance International

An air ambulance is basically a mobile, extensive intensive-care service given on a flight. The ambulance is equipped with the latest medical technology and a senior medical team. The plane can pick up patients from anywhere around the globe, and deliver them where they can receive the treatment they need in the fastest way available.

LIFEAIR’s Medical Flight Service

LIFEAIR’s medical flight service is designed to assist you in coordinating medical on-flight treatment. Our friendly and professional coordinators stand at your service, and will monitor every detail of the patient’s medical transfer. They will help organize land transfer on both ends – departure and arrival destinations, travel by private jets with first-class medical equipment and a team of medical experts specifically tailored to the patient’s condition. The service is fully transparent throughout the process, with no hidden costs involved. 

Due to our team of expert healthcare professionals, our specialists and consultants, the safest and best-equipped planes and our experienced pilots, LIFEAIR can ensure that your loved ones will be in the most qualified hands and get the best medical air transport available to the treatment they need, anywhere and at any time.On top of that, our team of insurance experts will assist you in getting approved for benefits, as well as in the submission of your insurance claim and monitoring it to its closure, as part of our efforts to ease your burden as much as possible. 

  Tel: +972543355236 / contact us

Ordering an air ambulance

Our service begins the moment a customer contacts us through our website, or directly – by phone. As soon as they make contact, our flight coordination team starts analyzing the patient’s condition and estimating which services they may require. We help make the connection between our medical team and consultants and the MD or medical team currently treating the patient in order to fully understand the requirements of the patient’s condition.

If necessary, we coordinate the transfer of the patient from the medical facility they are currently in to the airport. We arrive at the airport with a medical plane and ready team, and arrange all of the permits and coordination needed to transfer the patient as quickly and safely as possible.

Organ Transplant Medical Flight

Our expert coordinators are available 24 hours a day, so we are always ready to give service in case you are in need of an organ transplant and an organ donation becomes available. It is important to arrange the options of transfer ahead of time – before the organ becomes available. The worth of donated organs varies for different organs, and therefore it is important to try and pre-arrange delivery for any possible eventuality. LIFEAIR can help in the planning of an organ donation medical flight and in coordinating the insurance that would finance it.

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