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Private Flights to Eilat

Lifeair offers a personalized charter service to and from the beautiful Eilat.

We do our best to suit your unique needs and budget in order to provide you with comfort and flexibility, covering everything from ground services to your in-flight experience tailored down to smallest details.

For further information or flight order call us: 054-33-55-235

Eilat is Israelis’ favorite resort town. Even though they love holidaying abroad, most of them would never miss out on a local stay at the southern city with the gorgeous beaches and the fun and relaxed atmosphere. But getting to Eilat is another story – it involves driving through dangerous roads for many hours, riding on a crowded bus for even longer, or travelling in an “aerial bus” that is no less crowded and cumbersome. So what is the best and most fun way to get to Eilat? Flying in a private charter flight!

A private charter flight is the most convenient way to travel

During tourist season, the regular commercial flights to Eilat are packed. They require that you arrive at the airport hours before departure and wait in endless lines. The flight itself is full of noisy kids and agitated parents, and does not always allow you to get to your holiday fresh and calm. A private flight to Eilat, on the other hand, is one of the most enjoyable gifts you can give yourselves.

What is so delightful about a private flight to Eilat? Everything – starting from arrival at the airport just a short while before departure, no need to stand in long queues for hours and go through burdensome examinations. There’s no need for a passport, either, and you don’t go through border control. The security check takes just a few minutes and you’re flying with your close friends or family rather than with strangers.

In fact, from the moment you board the plane, you are already on vacation, indulging in the comfort of a luxurious plane with quality refreshments and drinks, just like in the hotel you’re going to stay in. You can gaze at the beautiful landscape from your window while enjoying a cold glass of champagne, take photos and savor the special experience. Contrary to what you may think, the costs of such a flight are not only for the rich and are well worth the expenditure.

Private flights also offer a wide range of entertainment options. Departure and return times are flexible, and you can choose the ones most convenient for you. The point of departure can also be customized to your needs. There are multiple airports and airstrips around the country that can be used for the purpose.

A private flight to Eilat for the most exciting moments and for special events

A private flight may not suit every vacation you take in Eilat, but there are special events that totally justify the cost. For example, if you’re planning to propose to your loved one, one of the most romantic ways you can do it is on a private jet on the way to a lavish holiday, while you’re enjoying personal service and full privacy.

If you reserved a holiday in Eilat as a Bar or Bat Mitzvah gift, upgrade it by adding a private flight. You’ll be able to show your kids or grandkids important Israeli sites from above and teach them about the country. If your grandchildren live abroad and don’t know Israel very well, this is your chance to show them what it’s really like, tell them about its history and geography and family stories relating to the places you’ll see. Such a family experience makes your gift much more meaningful, one that would be fondly remembered for many years to come.

Whether you’re on your way to a stag or hen party, you can share the cost of a private flight among all of the friends and start celebrating from the first moment in style and privacy, with no one else but your close buddies or girlfriends. A private flight will let you arrive in town early so you don’t waste a moment and dive straight into the pool with a glass of beer or kava in your hands to toast the coming wedding.

A private flight for tourists or businesspeople

Many tourists holiday in Eilat each year, and it is highly recommended for them as well to get there in a private flight, which is almost always available, even at short notice. It will allow them to arrive in the city quickly and comfortably, enjoying VIP-level service.

If you’re escorting business guests who came to visit your company, splash out and have them travel to Eilat in a private flight. Impress them by the beauty of Israel and help them get to know it much better. It will be a generous treat they’ll never forget and will surely help close any potential deal.

LifeAir offers private charter flights to Eilat in a wide selection of planes, chosen according to the number of passengers and their needs. The planes are spacious, well-equipped and comfortable, maintained to the highest standards of safety and security. Our crews are service-oriented, courteous and pleasant, and have hundreds of flight hours’ experience and the best professional training. They will help you enjoy an unforgettable experience and collect lovely memories to last a lifetime. Contact us for more information or to order a flight.

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