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Flight dispatching

Local and international

Israel is a small country whose aerial space is especially crowded. Monitoring Israel’s aerial activity is divided between the Israeli Air Force and civilian monitoring.

Often, aerial activity for an experimental flight which requires a certain profile demands coordinating between several elements simultaneously in order to enable the flight’s required route to be performed as planned.

Sometimes, what looks like a simple flight profile actually requires a series of coordination and timing actions to fully take place. For example: A flight route from Tel Aviv to Yavneh at the height of 7000 feet seems easy to perform, but in reality, needs to be coordinated ahead of time with Ben Gurion Airport space, Tel Nof military base space, Hatzor military base space, North monitoring unit and South monitoring unit. All of these elements, separate from one another and each with its own limitations, demand accurate pre-coordination and synchronization in real-time, all in order to enable a flight route of no longer than 15 minutes’ flight time.

LIFEAIR takes care of all of the needed coordination to enable the desired flight route to take place optimally. This includes coordinating between civil and military monitoring agents, control towers, information security and government monitoring bodies. The company is the number one expert in Israel in coordinating and acquiring of permits for flight profiles from all of the relevant factors, and in providing solutions even with very short timetables from the moment of request.

The company provides continuous accompaniment and advisory information by a professional operations department as to the type and quality of the flight profile required for getting the desired outcome of flying airborne systems, target and calibration flights, passenger flights, ambulance flights, transfer flights and any other required aerial activity.

Additionally, LIFEAIR can coordinate special requirement flights such as flying over Israel’s borders, flights at unusually low or high altitudes, formation flights with other aircraft, nighttime flights at unusual hours, aerial closures and more.

In Israel, as in the rest of the world, LIFEAIR provides comprehensive solutions for its clients in coordinating international flight, including flights plans, aerial passage permits, intermediate landings and ground services in various airports around the world.

The service is given to different clients, such as private aircraft, commercial aircraft and of course, to clients using LIFEAIR’s planes.

Flight management and aerial survey systems

Coordinating the desired flight areas is just one part of the flight. Another part is the level of aerial performance of the activity.

In addition to a skilled and professional air crew which flies the company’s planes, LIFEAIR provides navigation and flight management systems which are some of the most advanced and accurate in the world.

The pilots and operator are assisted by electronic tools (Electronic Flight Bag, or EFB) which include a live navigational map which contains the flight’s profile, planned ahead of time at an accuracy level of a few meters, flight recorders for the documenting of performance and data comparison, and more.

Clients which join the flight can enjoy GPS antenna connection which will allow them to operate their own navigation tools during the flight.

This service is most important in the fields of photography flights and aerial mapping, as well as in flying remote sensor systems which require a more accurate performance profile.

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