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Private Flight – Not just for business managers

LifeAir offers private flights in a wide-ranging fleet of aircraft to match each client’s needs and preferences. These flights include professional staff, advanced equipment, quiet work time without any disturbance, safety and reliability at the highest level. Private flights are available at any time that is convenient for you – no need to wait for a place on a commercial passenger flight. They can take you almost anywhere, not just the regular airports used by commercial airliners. 

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Private Flight – Not just for business managers

In today’s global economy, there is hardly a business or company which do not engage in business connections with clients or partners overseas. The need to communicate with them is usually answered by popular technological solutions such as video conferences, phone calls and instant messaging apps. But businesses that wish to develop long-standing and substantial connections to help both sides achieve their business goals have to go one step further than their competitors. One way to do this is private flights.                                 

Who needs a private flight when there’s the internet? The answer to this question is simple – anyone who’d like to give their customers or partners personal attention, accompaniment and support in the field, effective supervision and a warm and fruitful connection to last many years. Admittedly, video conferences are free or require a very low investment, and allow us to do our daily work. However, those who wish to stand out need to offer more. 

There is no alternative to close personal relationship between people, even in the cut-throat business world. Private flights let executives and business managers meet the people they work with overseas face-to-face, get to know them better and receive new insights on how to work with them more effectively. Joint dinners over a glass of wine, reconnaissance tours at the factory or offices, getting to know other people working on a project and first-hand supervision of how the work progresses are irreplaceable. They can provide critical information and the confidence that things are working to your satisfaction. Research has found that people find it harder to say “no” to people with whom they have friendly relationships. They also maintain friendly business connections for longer compared with connections with whom they don’t have friendly interactions.

What is the benefit for your clients or business partners? They feel appreciated, and that you see them worthy of investing in. They have someone to talk or turn to, someone to get support and aid from, someone on the other side who knows the way things are and can provide immediate, relevant and helpful information. Many times, a professional who comes in from the outside and monitors work processes closely can save a company from making expensive mistakes, producing damaged products or making unwise decisions. 

All of this makes private flights a good investment in the long run. They are more expensive than a video call, but their benefits are enormous.  

Who can afford a private flight?

These days – almost any functional business. Private flights are no longer a luxury saved for the super-rich alone. The massive competition between private airlines and changes in government policies, as well as the option of using lighter and more efficient aircraft, have caused private flight prices to be cheaper than ever nowadays, and affordable to many.

When you engage a private flights airline, make sure to check out all of the options it provides. Many times, you’ll find options that are cheaper than you imagined. Some options can save much time and money later on, in case, for example, that the private flight can get you much closer to your destination by using a smaller airfield, while a commercial passenger flight can only take you as far as a large airport that would require you to take further flights or transfers. 

The cheaper option is not always the right choice, and private flights are a good example for this. An executive or business person thinking “outside the box” and choosing to take a private flight at the right time can often achieve better business results than those who have only saving in mind.

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